Monday, May 12, 2008

Tuna Open Competition and link to a crazy marlin-spearo tale

Sadly the Cape of Storms lived up to its name and the Tuna Open Competition was called off due to rough seas. Better luck next time - such is diving - you can travel around the world and sit on shore while the sea does its thing and then go home. One trip to Mozambique allowed us two day of diving before a storm kept a 3-4 m swell running for two weeks!
Locally the swell was very big 2.5 to 3 m and shallow diving outside the Algoa Bay was not much of an option. I went deeper and spend Saturday afternoon in 20-30 m of water where the viz was good on top and on the bottom with a dirty mixing band in the middle where the thermocline was producing plankton.
We met a sunfish (Mola Mola) and it was a bit spooked when I came near for a pic and I could not get close in range.

In such a big swell the diving in Algoa bay is the better choice especially from the shore.

The raggies appear to have moved off as we saw none. Normally they are scarce from late autumn-early winter till spring.

Some time ago I filmed a southern right whale on just such a day of big swell. It passed by my boat while I was fishing for cape salmon or geel beck at Zephyrs Wall. Then the quota was ten per person per day. I had fun fishing that day - my bait was snatched long before it got near the bottom on the first down. So while whale watching I secured many a good braai fish that day. Anyway I have included the video clip of the whale:

Go to the link below - there is a great story. Reading closely you see how the divers sixth sense is at work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gletwyn,
I always used to say May was one of the best omnths for diving in CT, but last year and this year winter has started early and in a rush. Great for the dams, I suppose. I believe the tail are quite good off the point, but of course there is solid swell and big wind forecast for the weekend already!
Better luck in PE!

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Our winter in PE has certainly not arrived and I think it will be a warm one with sunshine ruling - our winter water is often far superior to summers but fish are more scarce in the shallows so in winter we dive deeper most of the time.