Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aliwal Shoal Action

I hear that Aliwal shoal, south of Durban has been "ON" over the last two days. Divers have had N-S current, decent water and plenty fish action. Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin sightings as well as other good fish such as Poenskop(black musselcracker) have shown up in good numbers. One diver reported seeing on the order of 100 wahoo in a day - some exceeding the 30 kg region! Sounds like the Cape Verde islands. So after the bad water the good water always comes - cycles! Bit like our present economic cycle - a year ago record car sales were had while now job loss threat are splashed tactlessly about the media rattling the man on the street.

The westerly is blowing well here now and is most like warming the water up.

A Friend of mine Eugene van Wyngaardt is selling his bakkie (Toyota Hilux Raider 4x4 double cab, 2,2l Turbo Diesel) It gets 10km/liter. Price R40 000. Phone Eugene 0842234789.

I remember him and I pulling our inflatables down the beach to Woody Cape for dives at Bird Island. That was always exciting - heavy surf launches,lot's of fish and for sure someone would always meet a great white shark. The best fish I ever saw taken there was a scotsman that Fanus Gerber got on the the wreck that lies between Doddinton Rock and East Shoal. It was a superb fish - 8.3 kg! That fishs saw the displacement my own record for Scotsman of 5.3 kg - that was a 57% improvement on my record!
Bird Island is now a reserve. Well I mean "reserve". It was claimed a reserve but abalone poaching continues - proof that banning diving in an area does not stop poaching - if anything it probably permits better cover for the poachers as no public are in the area to report it.
Later today I will go to the meeting at Pine Lodge - to fight for spearfishing rights again I guess. I will let you know the outcome.

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