Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dive Reports and WIND

The easterly is howling for the second day here in PE. It never even let up in the night. It is very unusual to have such a buster east in winter - I have seen such easts blow in August before but that was back in the early nineties. The west side must be well chilled by now - it had a head start anyway - this chilly 15 deg C water is not such fun.
I was out at sea on Monday with Zane Hobson - it was really cold and few fish were about. Zane did not suffer the cold as I did and it showed in his well-incresed bottom time. I did a jutjaw ( milkfish) in the oven that evening - well actually "skinned" it in the fireplace first as it was drizzling outside and spoiling my braai plans. I put the fish into a grid and placed it over the very hot coals and the skin cooked but I gave it only about about 1.5 to 2 minutes a side - just enough time to cook and loosen the skin. After removing the head, skin and tail I grilled it in the oven with two crayfish tails. I will fiddle a bit more to topimize the recipe and publish it.

Aliwal shoal was still producing good fish on the long weekend with some wahoo of up to 30 kg being speared and a sailfish was also sighted.

Wayne Allin took his biggest Cape knifeJaw on the North Wall of the PE harbour on Monday.

Nice one Wayne!

At present it looks like our next decent dive will be around Sunday.

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