Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Diveban on Cape Receife

Last week on Thursday I attended a meeting discussing the already implemented diveban at Cape Receife. Chairing the meeting was Mr Dennis Tucker who represented Pine Lodge Resort. He explained the history of Pine Lodge and crime in the area. Hi crime rates were reported to be well reduced from a few month earlier compared with present. What happened was Pine Lodge had moved the gate to a strategically wise point where they can block access to the Cape REceife reserve. A fence was also put up blocking access thought the bush. Great, crime levels have dropped and poachers are restricted from entering with their dive gear in their cars.
However, cars may not be searched!!
OK, so let's say I am poacher - put my poaching gear into the boot and on the way out I add my abalone too. HaH! - not being searched!

All other persons present at teh meeting were divers or somehow in the dive industry. This close/ban went ahead not considering divers at all - as Dennis Tukker said he knows very little about diving.

Now I personally, in my own little world, am completely unaffected by this ban as I do not shoredive anymore at Cape Receife. But what about those who still do and are now being turned away by an arbitrarily introduced gate. What one day when mys son want to go snorkeling in the shallow in a safe area. Then he gets turnaed around at the gate.
What when someone else comes to dive in PE and is turned away because an inefficient system is put in place to block criminals but in doing so hammers the public.

At the meeting Dennis Tucker sought a solution and we did not shoot him with a speargun. We discussed the matter and concluded that divers have to be given access by certain means. I, and other pointed out the absurdity of not searching vehicles.
We drew certain conclusions and Dennis is Going to take the matter forward with the Council and relevant authorities to ensure that divers can still dive and tha t searches will be introduced. Only problem, he said, is that his contact in the council is on three months stress leave.
Yes, I said it: STRESS LEAVE!!!!!!!!!
I told him to bypass the "stress leaver" and head on up the chain of command.
Anyway so now we all await the actions of Dennis Tucker of Pine Lodge Resort till we may legally snorkel there. Let's see how efficient he is.

If there is one thing that warms me up it is being denied diving in an unconstitutional manner - it happened before in the nineties and that one got sorted out and my "banners" now have a good relationship with me.
Perhaps it is time to shore dive from Cape Receife again - and post some pics and youtube clips to show what our constitutional rights are!
Anyway at present the status is closed - no snorkeling gear and no searches by the gate man.

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