Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frenchies Feeding Frenzy or is it Patti Piranhas

The other day I decided to feed Frenchies to shake things up a little while diving at the wreck of the Patti on Thunderbolt Reef near Caper Receife. I took two sardines(pilchards) out of the 5 kg box that is part of our kit. I got back in and had to keep the frenchies at bay - the piranha-like nature of these bold little fellas has them race in to be the first to sink those little sharp teeth into the soft succulent flesh of the sardine. They really have a herd mentality. I added a Youtube clip to show how one can spook them if they bug one a bit too much. Simply lift your hand on the surface and thump it down on the water to make "kadoof" sound and they are off at speed only to return quite rapidly as they realize the threat of the divebombing bird has passed. They spook similarly from a shoal of large yellowatil and tend to give the game away - they also spook like this when a shark arrives, fortunately it is mostly yellowtail rather than sharks that come to look.

Here is a pic I took of the Kapodistriases propellor some time back - frenchies were present and on occasion these little chaps spoil pics by zooming right aross the optical field of the camera.

Here is the clip I took at the Patti - viz was a good 10 m or so.

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