Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great White Assault on Spearo

Dean Inggs, Andrew Downey and Kevin Macghie went for dive at Struis Bay on Sunday. They got a few nice fish. The dive was ended off in a rough manner as Kevin was rushed by a hefty great white.

Here is what Dean has to say:

The day ended with a very nasty attack on one of our crew when a 4.5m great white had 3 full charges at him before we could get the boat to him.
On the way to pick him up I saw the whole back half of the shark come clear out the water thrashing it's tail as you would see on the Discovery channel!
He managed to get away with just some teeth marks in his fins and a bruised ego, extremely lucky.
The shark in no way made a "mistake" of his identity, two of the divers were very near each other and Kevin was probably 30m off, so the shark definitely singled him out displaying pure hunting behaviour and attacked from below in his "blind spot".
Vis was around 8m and the temp was 15.5 deg.
It was a serious reality check for us as to the possible dangers and the attitude that this type of thing always happens to someone else. The GW's numbers are definitely on the increase."

Well that sounds really hectic. 9 m viz does not offer much response time even if you see the white coming at speed.

I tend to think that Kevin was glad to be out of the water that day!

Kevin if you are like I was the experience was not that bad but worse is what comes after it when you dive in dirty water on your next few months of dives!

Here is a pic of some of the fish they got before the interruption:

Dean(bank steenbras, red stumpnore), Andrew (bank steenbras and Musselcracker) and Kevin (red roman and galjoen).

Hey Kevin, nice to have those legs still hey?!

I think Mark and I must not go dive Struis chumming the way we do here will be risky as ever. We would have to dive there with shark PODs. I am waiting to get the full story from kevin and some pics of his fins and will post what I receive.

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