Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great White Shark Assualt on Kevin Macghie at Struis Bay

A few posts back I mentioned how a 4.5 m great white (GW) interefered with some divers at Struis Bay last weekend. Here is what Kevin Macghie experienced - it is rather graphic for sensitive divers and should rather not be read if you are sensitive to imagining these things happening to you on your next dive in murky water.
Don't let your girlfreind or wife read it!

I also include a pic of the toothmark showing the serrations in the fin blade.

Kevin's experience:

I was coming from the bottom in 14m of water when around 5m from the surface I looked up to make sure where the surface was and to check that I wasn't coming up underneath the boat.
I suddenly had my legs taken out from underneath me and could "feel" a sharp scratching on my fins as I was dragged upside down toward the surface.
Once I realised what had happened I was being pushed through the water with my arm wrapped over the side of the shark and his pectoral fin was under my armpit and he let go of my fins.
As we cleared the surface I managed to get a small quick breath and scream for the boat as the shark did a roll/flip in the water to try turn his head back at me and the rear half came clear out the water with the tail thrashing the surface.
I managed to turn the gun onto his nose as he pushed me through the water while trying to bite at my fins again as they were forced towards his mouth by the water pushing against them.
The shark then pushed passed and did another sharp turn this time a metre or two off and came back with some speed and I again managed to put the speartip between us, this time it sinking into his nose.

As the boat approached the shark veered off and I put my arm out the water (always keeping an eye on the shark) only to be flung right across to the other side of the duck as Dean and Sheldon ripped me from the water.
The shark circled the boat for a minute before swimming off.

Having heard of and spoken to other spearo's about similar encounters, I was not prepared for the sheer intent and determination this shark showed after the first "hit".

This is one of seven toothmarks on Kevins fins.

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Anonymous said...

Scary indeed. A friend, Jacques Tresfon had a similar epxperience not far way on the Skiskop banks a few years ago. A white hit him in full flight from below - he saw it coming and just managed to get his hand onto the snout and rolled off it's back as it breached completely. He landed in the foam and dived straight back down under it to see the shark coming back in at him, but it veered away as the boat drove over it and got Jacques out in a hurry. Reckon he owes his life to the bakkie boy. He had just come up from an 18m dive with about 25m vis!!