Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Online Spearfishing Mentorship Program

I quite often get queeries about my online spearfishing mentorship program especially this year as it is getting more well known. This is how it works:
It is a 52 week course with one lesson per week. Why one lesson per week? Well I could pour all the info onto the student in one shot and drown him - no good - it is better to focus more attention onto a topic and master it properly and even get a chance to try it in practice before flying into the next theory topic.
Perhaps and even more important reason is that one part of the mentorship addresses Spearo Mindset. To me that is the most important part. With the right mindest the rest falls into place - not always smoothly but it happens. One cannot easly change a mindset so it happens bit by bit through out the lessons.

Timing - students can start at any stage I designed it to allow flexibility. These are the delights of the online world.

Who is it for?
Any spearo at any level. The greatest benfit is for spearos who have a little experience - over the next year they get plenty of data and insights as I have seen and learned. Experience spearos will obviously learn less, however, over 1700-1800 dives I have been observant and tried lots of experiments - these results can give an experienced spearo a certain edge that he lacked before.

So now I suppose you want a table of contents.
OK, Well here it is.

Each lesson has assignments and some have practicals.

Lesson 1 Welcome, Scope and Practical
Lesson 2 Success in Spearfishing
Lesson 3 Goals Attitude and Success
Lesson 4 Kaizen [continuous and never ending improvement] and Spearfishing
Lesson 5 Cycles & Spearfishing part 1
Lesson 6 Cycles and Spearfishing Part 2
Lesson 7 Cycles Water Temperature
Lesson 8 Wetsuit Care and Masks
Lesson 9 Ocean Physics and Spearo Scoreboard
Lesson 10 Spearguns and more on Scoreboards
Lesson 11 Booties, Gloves, Fins and Additional Scoreboard
Lesson 12 Ethics and Weightbelts
Lesson 13 Sound in Water and its Applications
Lesson 14 Hunting Methods Part 1
Lesson 15 Hunting Methods Part 2
Lesson 16 Hunting Methods Part 3
Lesson 17 Equalizing
Lesson 18 Sinuses
Lesson 19 Review & Reef Finding and Evaluation Part 1
Lesson 20 Reef Finding Part 2
Lesson 21 Risks of Diving and Precautions Part 1
Lesson 22 Risks of Diving and Precautions Part 2 SHARKS!
Lesson 23 Risks of Diving and Precautions Part 3
Lesson 24 Sixth Sense How to develop it.
Lesson 25 Mindset for Success
Lesson 26 Boats Part 1
Lesson 27 Boats Part 2
Lesson 28 Trouble-shooting & DIY Servicing Outboards
Lesson 29 Boats Part 4 Repairs & Trailer Maintenance
Lesson 30 Interferences
Lesson 31 Spearfishing Competitions - Strategies
Lesson 32 Financial Leverage and Spearfishing
Lesson 33 To Fish or not to Fish
Lesson 34 Compass of the Spearo and Goal Review
Lesson 35 Deep Diving Part 1
Lesson 36 Deep Diving Part 2
Lesson 37 Spearo Mistakes
Lesson 38 CPR for Spearfishermen
Lesson 39 Publication of Results and Introduction to Statistics for Spearos

I am currently writing Lesson 40 on Fish Preservation and Spearo Statistics Part 2

Over the last 40 weeks I have really enjoyed mys spearfishing outings - one reason is that I dive with due regard for my sudents and am always looking for new ways o teach and put across topics - I have learned a lot in the process too.

A more detailed breakdown of all lessons exists only in my thoughts and will become available over the next few months.

Click on www.freedive.co.za/mentorship.htm for more information on the program.

For free downloads related to lessons 9, 10, 11 and 34 see the URL


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