Friday, June 13, 2008

Personal Best Fish - a great Moment for Spearos

As we go through our spearfishing career from time to time we take a better fish of that species than ever before. It is quite a moment for the spearo.
Take for example the 6.5 kg musselcracker that Zane Hobson took last week on Friday.

After getting such a fish it is a good idea to update your records. From way back in the early nineties I had a list of SA Records for various species and wrote my personal bests int the list and calculated the percentage my best fish was of the SA record.
Example: Zane's cracker of 6.5 kg we take 6.5 and divide by the record and multiply by 100 to get to a percentage. (6.5/22.2) x 100 = 29.3% It is possible to exceed the 100% mark.
I kept this record for may years and eventually made an Excel spreadsheet to calculate them all in one shot. This self-judging tool is something all my mentorship students get with additions for diving skills/performance too. In it we get the average percentage for the species you have taken. All you do is type in your fished weights after deleting mine and press enter to update and calcualte your percentages.
If you want to download my "Fish Species Scoreboard" and adapt it for yourself you can get it off my website under the freed downloads.
Here is the exact link to the downloads page:

Note: when you begin your percentage may be small, and should be as anything that grows.

If you are not from South Africa why not adapt your countries species similarly - it is easy on my spreadsheet.
One could also judge a spearfishing competition by average record percentage than by size alone as is generally done.

The forecast weekend seems to be a good winter one - warm days. Swell is due to be 1.8 m plus. At present Algoa bay is flattish but look murky along the beachfront.
have a good weekend.

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