Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Port Elizabeth Diveban Talks Again!!

I just got a hair raising call again.
Lohan Geel, a Dolphin Underwater Club representative informed me that the local Port Elizabeth council wish to have a meeting to dicuss a ban diving, fishing and boating from Cape Receife to Skoenmaakers Kop.
This time its not MCM but the council.
A meeting will be held at 14:30 on this Thursday (05 June08) at Pine Lodge at Cape Receife to discuss it.
The meeting should be well attended by all concerned parties but again we will need to stand as one to permit sanity to prevail lest we sit on the shore, victims of our own council.


Zane said...

One can only wonder what hidden agenda or reason drives this proposed action.

There must be 100 other more serious matters for our council to attend to in our region.

I will be in attendance.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Great perhaps we can dive right after the meeting!

Zane said...

You read my mind Gletwyn, gear is in the boot, ready, waiting for good water, right after the meeting

Sean said...

IS that this thursday 05 June or next week Thursday 12 June

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Thanx Sean it's 5 June!