Monday, June 23, 2008

Port Elizabeth Wreck Diving Kapodistrias

The day sea was about to be sweet. 29 July 1985 the Kapodistrias ran aground in calm weather on the eastern side of Thunderbolt reef. She was a 29000 ton vessel. The reason I say sweet sea is that the cargo consisted of almost 28000 tons of sugar! The frenchies must have had insulin shock!
Also included in the cargo was manganese ore which is still visible on the site of the wreck.

Here is the Kapodistrias in port:

Here she lies awaiting her fate:

Here her fate is visible beneath the waves as I take a galjoen with my Freedivers speargun:

OK, so it was a bad shot but the water was cold and my trigger finger did not respond when I told it to pull!

Here is my galjoen.

In the early nineties the suprestructure was still up and we used to get plenty of small yellowtail on the wreck but these days since the superstructure is down it is less productive. Still some good fish can be taken on her - yellowtail, bronzbream, zebra, cracker, poenskop, bonito(Cory Versluis took the SA record there), Kakaap, rockcod, galjoen, bludger and tropical yellowtail. Some divers see great whites there quite often - i have not had the privelage. Oh yes and Darryl Hiscock met a black marlin on the wreck too earlier this year.

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