Friday, June 20, 2008

Sardinia Bay Pinnacle - Spearing a Zebra

I have a new clip on Youtube - it's the "out of camera" view of my gun taking a zebra in about 25 m on a spot out the back of the Sardinia Bay Reserve. I hope this clip is not too bright - that day I messed up a bit and had my camera set on cloudy and it overexposed the lightsensor. On my home PC where I reduced the brightness the clip is fine.
Let me know how it comes out.
I have another clip that I will post later on where I roll a Zebra over near the wreck of the Pati. It shows the difference between a well placed shot and badly placed one as is the case in this clip.

The weekend 4cast looks quite good for Sunday for fish and diving.

Have you seen teh website - have a look. I heard there is an article on Crime at Cape Receife on it but have not had time to seek out the link.

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