Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spearfishing in a cave on the wreck of the Kapodistrias

Here I show another clip I took on the Kapodistrias in decent conditions 8 m viz, 1 m swell but only 14-15 deg C. Here I improve on the last clip I showed where I took a galjoen - remaining very relaxed and taking my time on the shot - I allowed the fish to turn and begin moving off first before my 800 Freedivers gun rolled it over. On this little cave gun I use a vampire barb to ensure opening of the barb. The spear is a thin 5.5 mm and I need to be close to the fish.

Prospects for a dive in warmer water should improve after the westerlies and warm days. Still our evenings are chilly - this morning my min max thermometer showed 3 degC!
I took Zephyr (my son) out fishing briefly on Monday afternoon and he caught 4 big frenchies - I suggested we put them back and he agreed - this surprised me as in the past no fish could go back - I commended his decision and spoke of big cob instead and how he will get big ones this summer as well as bonito. His little sister is showing no desire to be on the ocean unlike Zephyr who hounds me often to trips to sea.
On such trips I take diving gear and a boogy board in case my inflatible were to sink then at least I have a "life raft" and can swim him in.
I look forward to summer diving and fishing!

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