Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wahoo from Aliwal Shoal

Cory versluis sent me a pic of him with a 19 kg whaoo he took on Aliwal Shoal last week.
Some fine fish taken by the divers included:
Joe Mulder: Sailfish ~40kg and a Wahoo ~18kg
Paul Putter: Sailfiish 35kg and a False Englishman ~ 2.5kg (new SA record if so)
Garret Staats Couta(King Mackerel) ~ 6kg
Corry Wahoo 19kg and an Englishman ~ 4kg.

If I get more pics I will post them.

Nice one Cory!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gletwyn, nice to see someoen is getting fish. Conditions have not been great in the cape. Did manage a dive at my favourite atlantic steenbras haunt, but only gallies about in the warm, clean water. Well, warm is relative, 14 deg. is really good for the atlantic :)
Cheers, Tony