Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend spearfishing in Port Elizabeth

I had a dive on Friday afternoon. The water was cool; 14-17 Deg C, swell flat and essentially no wind despite the fairly breezy NW wind forecasted. The NW winds generaly do not blow much in Port Elizabeth and always die off in the afternoon. The viz looked great further out and on entering the water in 16 m I could see the bottom! Fish were scarce on the first spot we tried but I filmed my speargun taking a Zebra. Moving to a deeper spot I got a banksteenbras - everything came out OK on the videoclip - it was nice to have suitable filming viz for a change. Here is a close-up of a banksteenbras.

Fanus Gerber dived Seaview and saw some good yellowtail but could not get one - he reported crystal clear water but not much fish about.

At least our winter water seems to be moving in - hopefully the east winds due will not come hard as forecasted or we may be set back again into the "ice age" by upwellings.

I worked hard to get a decent clip and spear the fish. It was 28 m on that spot - camera in one hand and gun in the other.
I ended off on Thunderbolt reef in 12 m viz with getting a 6 kg yellowtail and seeing some big ones that were not interested in the cool water.

Check out the clip:

Earlier in the week Darryl Hiscock took a fine white steenbras of 12 kg:

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