Friday, July 25, 2008

News from SAUFF

I received the following news lettter from Brent Addison - tells about whats happening for the world championships 2008 and some other risks to spearfishing.

Since good news is flowing into to SAUFF, I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible rather than wait for next months newsletter.
Although Angelo Spada (who) was picked as first travelling reserve for the team), cannot travel to Venezuela due to business commitments, he has nevertheless continued to support the team efforts and has produced a 61 page document detailing all the fish to be found in Venezuela waters in the correct weight categories, with a photograph and detailed scientific description. This will ensure that prior to there arrival our team will be properly prepared, with the right equipment to maximize their catch effort in the competition. Thanks Angelo.
Secondly as you will have seen from the last bulletin, our team members plan to be away from home and in the case of Gyula and Mark for an extended period of time. We at SAUFF recognize the sacrifice that this will mean to their families and we cannot thank them enough for this.
Thirdly we have received e-mails from a number of other countries who will be sending teams to Worlds. The Spanish, who clearly see our team as a major threat to their chances, have declined to offer us any advice or assistance. The British and Australian teams have offered their co-operation and advice. The British team manager has already spent two weeks on Margarita Island planning their strategy. This contact was made via John Little. Thanks John.
The Australian team manager Tony Heugh has helped us get in touch with the organizers to effect payment of our entrance fee.
Chris Aniaides continues to provide useful input and advice on an almost daily basis about the conditions there and the opposition. Thanks Chris.
We have finalized a deal with SUBTECH who have generously donated R10000 with a further R26000 to follow if we meet certain publicity criteria. Thanks Subtech. In this regard we have approached a public relations consultant who has put us in touch with the Sports Editor of Caxton Press who has agreed to help us get a significant amount of press publicity for Worlds. Now we just need some radio and TV coverage.
After he read about the commitment which our team members are making to spend nearly 3 months in South America preparing for Worlds, Paul Henderson of ASP Ropes, agreed to up his sponsorships by a further R10000, a magnificent gesture. Thanks Paul.
If you are able to help us or know of anyone who can please let us know.
SAUFF Bank Account Details: First National Bank, Margate, Branch Code: 220128, Acc number 62067501132.
From all of the above, I am very pleased to be able to report to you, our members, that, our small community of “hard core” members and some who are not members are really starting to get behind our team and give them the support they need to do us proud.
Restrictions on our Sport
We have just heard that the endorsement which divers used to be able to get for spearfishing at Vetches Pier has been withdrawn by the NPB. We are following this up with them, but in the meantime it would seem that even those who already have an endorsement to their licenses will be prosecuted.
At about the same time we picked up u rumor that the NPB were banning the carrying of spearguns and rods from boats launching at Rocky Bay and Umkomaas. Both are within the Aliwal MPA. It turned out that for the moment this restriction only applies to Jet Skis. We are watching this development closely.

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