Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Online Spearfishing Competition - September 2008

For some time I have been thinking about a way to help raise funds for the Springbok team going to Venezuela in October this year.
I said on my blog that I would think about some way to do so. It has been a source of some stress to me that I said I would seek a way but have not yet come up with an answer.

Last night I got an email from Eckart Benkenstein suggesting an online competition.

In about April last year I had a similar but fleeting thought along these lines but promptly banished the idea as not viable owing to my lack of confidence in electronic systems at the time.
I thought for a while and realized that it can be done, rather easily. I now have the contacts and electronic systems to set this up and do it. Sure its sticking my neck out but; Hey! that is a nice way to learn.
The great thing is that now I can use this concept to make a contribution to the Springbok teams venture to the world champs and in the process learn to do something completely different.
Entrance fees will be given directly to SAUFF (South African Underwater Fishing Federation) for our Springbok team.

I just called Brent Addison (SAUFF chairman) and he gave the green light and was most excited about the idea. Shane of Freedivers offered to sponsor some prizes and I will offer a mentorship program and one or two other prizes too.
Other sponsors are welcome to donate prizes too.

The nice part about this competition for you the participant is:
1. No long trips to the venue,
2. Dive at your leisure - there is lots of time, just enter some fish you get during September 2008,
3. Shoot what you select to shoot,
4. Anyone can take part anywhere in SA,
5. Unique scoring system that allows divers anywhere to compete with their catch even if they are not big fat fish,
6. Very slim chance of a weather wipeout
7. Very small entry fee (R80) that goes to the Springbok team

Read on for the details:

This is how it will work:
Who can take part: Anyone with, or without SAUFF membership, you do not need to be a clubmember, foreigners welcome too
When: Diving between 1 September 2008 and 30 September 2008 - daylight hours only. You should be able to get a few dives in during that period.
Where: Anywhere in South African ocean waters - excludes reserves and estuaries and any spot you may not dive legally.
Method of fishing: with speargun - no artificial breathing apparatus
Fish Species that may be taken: Any open season fish - excludes closed species such as brindle bass, Natal wrasse etc. Excludes sharks & skates.
Scoring: To allow divers in the Cape to compete with those of Natal the scoring will be based on record percentage.

How does this work?
The SA record for cape salmon 13 kg. If you take part and in September you get a 10 kg cape salmon then your record percentage for that fish is = 76.9%
(to calculate record percentage you divide the weight of your fish by the SA records weight and multiply by 100. 10 / 13 times 100 = 76.9)

Weigh gutted fish with gills removed
Weigh your best five fish(highest record percentages) and submit the pictures as specified by the weigh-in rules(to follow).
The record percentage of each of the five fish will be totalled and the person who gets the highest is the overall winner.
There will be additional prizes for individual fish with the highest record percentage.
More prizes to follow as per donations.

What is required of you?
Get a fish or preferably five this September.
All you do is take a digital picture in the manner required(supplied later), record the weight accurately as possible and email the picture to the judges as evidence.

You keep your fish.


To enter deposit the entrance fee (R80) into the following account:

First National Bank,
Branch Code: 220128,
Acc number 62067501132

as reference use your initial and surname e.g. P Woods and REC% to indicate it is for the record % competition

The system is open for registration rigth now!

I will set up a web page on to post further details and run the competition. I will call it the "FreediveCOZA Online Open"

Keep an eye on this space for more details.

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Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hi Gletwyn, Eckart, great idea, my money is IDB already. Maybe you can have one prize for the best fish form the WP area as we cannot compete in a lot of the species. Won't stop me trying, though :)