Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spearfishing a baarman - Willows, PE, South Africa

I was really keen for a nice baardman(tasslefish)to roast on the fire. Yellowtail did not show up on the normal spots - even when I spend 3 kg of pilchards - only some small bonito. I was diving off Willows and checked a hole that sometimes houses these fish - nothing. I came back to the hole and did my throaty duff-duff sound and sure enough it lured a tasslefish out of the dark and I managed a quick shot with my 1 m Freedivers speargun only to have a the fish jam in the over-silted cave. I got it out on a later dive.
Here is the pic fish after I managed to extract it:

The hole I took the fish from is heavily silted compared to how it was last year this time - cave can open and close depending on the winds swell and current.

Nice viz for a change along with the 18 deg water diving was an absolute pleasure.

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