Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spearfishing a Big Musselcracker from a Cave - Bushy Park, Port Elizabeth

Mark Jackson had just seen two big cracker and was not able to get the bigger one on that dive and settled for the 13 kg fish.
We decided to check a near spot that may be where the other fish went to. I was driving the boat and Mark said he found a fish in a cave but needed a clean shot. The clear water was deceptive he said looked about 7 kgs.
In the meanwhile I drifted on the boat in the light east wind - butt in the air and head in the water scanning the bottom. I saw a good looking ledge with fish entering the cavity below. I tossed the pick and hopped off; camera in the left and 1100 Freedivers in the right.
Mark shouted for me as I was about to dive and I swam over to where he was - out of breath and offereing my reelgun as I guessed he needed a second shot to secure the fish.
He went down and by then I had recovered and filmed his actions in the 15 m viz....
Have look-see for yourself:

Two good fish, 13 and 16 kgs.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gletwyn, looks like lovely water on the weekend! Had my boat in hospital so no diving recently, but she is out, and just waiting for a weather gap now to find some winter tail here. So when are you going to collate your footage into a dvd and sell it? let me know, I'll be one of the first to buy!

Doontjie said...

hi Gletwyn, i cant get to view your clips... it says no longer available? What do i do wrong?

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Tony I will maybe compile a DVD someday but first I need some first class footage so I can that I can almost make you go blind from overexposure to awesomness

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Doontjie, just try again - i get that often when attemting a vie on my own clips, I am not sure what causes it. Please realize that I am very green in the electronic world still!
If anyone can help please shed light for Doontjie and Me.