Monday, July 7, 2008

Spearfishing a musselcracker at Noordhoek Port Elizabeth.

I was diving on Friday afternoon near Noordhoek. We had inspected the deeper reefs for banksteenbras and surprisingly left those empty handed. Perhaps the 13 deg C water was the determining factor.
Twice I had descended and came up with no action recorded on my camera and I asked Mark to drop me on a shallower spot where I was bound to find activity.
One seeing the reef I veered off to what I consider the optimum position to land on reef and took up my position.

Selecting your position on a reef has a tremendous bearing on certain fishes behaviour - hence your success - a topic throughly addressed in my online mentorship program -

Let's get back to the dive - I settled down near to a hollow ledge at around 16 m in the cold water and scanned the surroundings - nothing of consequence.
Wait a bit... and look about. I was just about to take small fish when I noticed a musselcracker's silvery-grey head emerge from the cave to inspect me.
I swung the 1200 Freedivers gun to where I predicted it would swim...

Watch the rest here:

The pic above is not the fish I got in the video - I took that one back in June 2004.

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Zane said...

Great shot, great fish. At least someone got a decent fish, better than my scraps on Saturday.

There is time this week for me to go out and improve on the weekends results.

Anyway the guests loved eating the zebra on Saturday night, jutjaw was fine for me.