Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPearfishing a red stumpnose - Bushy Park Port Elizabeth

Time for a colour change - a red fish such as an Englishman, red roman, red stumpnose or red steenbras always brightens up the fish hatch of black, grey and silver fish.

Some months back I was at Bushy Park when there was a light east winds and good thermocline hovering at about 11m where the reef was around 9-12 m deep - ideal in that there was also a small swell and the thermocline was rising rather than falling.

That day Mark took a fine red steenbras of 10.5 kg and we got some other nice fish. I filmed my 1200 Freedivers gun take a 4 kg red stumpnose. The fish was some distance off and came right in close - clip quality is poor - over exposed and 5 m viz but you can see everything as the fish came right up to me after I speared it:

Here Mark was boating a nice specimen.

Well the west winds have been blowing a bit so perhaps we will have clear water depite the swell due to be 2-2.5 m this weekend.

Later I will post some more info on the Online Open competition and Success in Spearfishing part 7 of 9.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gletwin, good work on your site. We must ask Michael if he can put a link from the Dolphin Cub site to yours. Its nice to read what one of SA's top spearos think. Thanks from Lohan