Friday, July 18, 2008

Spearfishing a Zebra - Ghost Shrimps Disapprove?

The other day I filmed my Freedivers gun take a zebra(sargoburgo)and there were a herd of butterfish in the cavern. I shot the zebra and the crackling of the ghost shrimps intensifies - perhaps this is a warning call such as that issued by birds that spook antelope as the lion, tiger or leopard approaches.

I have a few plans to conduct experiments to learn more of this crackling and will post my findings once I have the results - hopefully by video. Here is the clip taken in fine condition of about 12m+ viz and at a depth of the same.

I clearly remember my first dive off Chelsea Point many years back - I dived without a hood - the crackling of the ghost shrimps, which are supposedly responsible for the sound, was so intense that is was somewhat haunting.

Read the post on the link below for what a mariner thought when he first encountered this sound.

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