Monday, July 21, 2008

Spearing a Zebra Patti - Technique

Last weekend saw the water deteriorating a bit in terms of temperature - surface temp was around 15-16 deg C with no significant thermocline deeper to about 26 m. Shallow water was chilly below - cold water trapped in the shallows and warmer water deeper out is not a recipe for good fish in my mind. The viz was nice in some areas and I took another series of spearfishing clips. One is a zebra I go off the Pati in while hoping for a yellowtail. Watch the clip to see how I used the wreck topography to my advantage in taking this zebra. I cover this technique and many others in Mentorship Lesson 46 - Advanced Spearfish Methods

We just need a day or two of hard west wind to fix the water.....but forecasts show otherwise - spearos are fussy creatures hey?

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