Saturday, July 12, 2008

Springbok Spearfishing Team to World Championships

I received the mail below from the South African Underwater Fishing Federation.
Last year Mark and I worked real hard here in PE to get funds for the Euro Africa Qulaifier and managed to raise about 1/3 of our costs - R30000 per diver. Being a "small" sport we are not even on the governemnt radar and must fend for ourselves. Lets see what can be done to help raise funds - please if anyone has an idea or suggestion let me know - send mail to

Here is the mail:

To try and show you how serious our team is about winning the World Championships I share here the plan of the Itinerary which our team are planning to give them the best possible chance of winning.
ITINEARY (from Gyula)
Jaco Blignaut and I (Gyula Plagyani) are booked to Brazil - Sao Paulo on 7 August 2008. SAA 222 arriving at 16H00 and returning on 29th October from Brazil. (Worlds 23 to 26 October) i.e. nearly 3 MONTHS
Ex SA Diver Chris Ananiadis has invited us to dive with him from his boat for 11 days from his holiday home near Rio to show us the way. Chris has been no 2 in Brazil Champs individually and member of their winning team. His input is very much appreciated and will greatly enhance our chances of winning. His support will be worth about R20000 to the team which they would have had to spend on accommodation and boat hire for this period,
Jaco and I will then make our way to Venezuela around the 20th August. We will meet up with a contact of Chris’ there to shoot some more and practice.
We then plan to go scout on Margarita Island (comp venue) for 3 weeks beginning September.
Then, 2 more weeks of shooting full time on the mainland. 25th September to 5th October.
Back to scout for another 10 days from 10th to 20th October. (Total scout time 1 month)
Moo (Alan Fraser) will join us as soon as the shooting arrangements in Venezuela are finalized around 20th August. (He will be away 2 months). Mark Jackson, team reserve will join the group to help with scouting in October.
As I am sure you can appreciate there are significant costs associated with this itinerary and our entrance to World’s The most significant are:-
Airfares (between R17000 and R20000 per person) +/- R80000 (To be paid for by each diver or sponsorship)
11 Days diving off Rio +/- R20000 (Paid for by Chris Ananiadis)
Entrance Fee to Worlds ($850 per diver) +/- R 28000 (Paid for by SAUFF)
CMAS Licence Fees for divers and team +/- R5000 (Paid for by SAUFF)
Accommodation and Living Expenses during scouting +/- R24000 (Sponsorship required)
Equipment =/- 20000 (Sponsored by Freedivers)
Hire of Boats for Scouting ($2300 per month – approx. 2 months) +/- R36800 (Sponsorship required)
It should be noted that the organizers have offered to hire the team a boat for $300 per day which would place any reasonable scouting effort way beyond our reach financially.
This is the first time that South Africa has been able to put enough effort in to actually stand a chance of winning and certainly doing better than 8th overall (our result in Spain- Majorca 1994) My (Gyula’s) best result individually is 15th overall (Spain 1994) and Jaco’s is 14th individual overall (Brazil 2002)
Normally we only scout for a week. Usually only the professional teams like Chile, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy who are all sponsored full time by large diving equipment manufacturers are able to scout the competition venue for this length of time, and hence they are always found in the top ten.
So far we have collected over R20000 in PLEDGES to our team. The most significant ones are :-

Richard Bruno R5000
Paul Henderson (ASP Rope Industries) R5000
Freedivers R2000
AJ Rabie on behalf of Yellow Fin Tournament R1000
Corrie Versluis R500
Alex Rice R500

AJ Rabie has challenged organizers of other Open Tournaments to match their PLEDGE
SUBTECH have indicated that they are prepared to offer a significant sponsorship and we are busy negotiating with them on how best to promote their “BRAND IMAGE”. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I will also consider ways to gather sponsorship or donation - last year was hard work and involved much time and effort - to be expected as it was the first time I ever tried fundraising.

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