Monday, July 21, 2008

Success in Spearfishing Part 4 of 9

Previously we looked at Piets' formula and defined A as availability of fish, B bottom time and C time down.

We now add term D

Success = A + B x C + D + E + F + G

D = Experience which depends on age and frequency of diving.

Success is the result of good judgment, good judgment is the result of experience, and experience of often the result of bad judgment.
A Robbins

Experience includes how act on the sea floor or in midwater when a fish show up – certain behaviour and body language will inform the fish of your intentions. Violate these and you will probably not see that fish again.
Often in spearfishing one needs to get a nice specimen of a certain type of fish to get on a roll with that species – all of a sudden you get them regularly while before you never had any success. In a similar manner an experienced car salesman will sit back and observe the potential customers behaviour and one certain reactions will he begin the sale. An inexperienced salesman will rush up to the potential customer and will probably not get the sale.

Personally I have had lots of bad judgement, but I recorded my bad judgements and now I get much closer to having good judgement for my dives remember that post I made some time back on Spearo Mistakes - keeping records?

Can you get experience from others?


Why re-invent the wheel?

Watch DVD's, read, talk, listen, study, consult and expert.

We are creatures of habit and tend to get stuck in a rut and forget there are other ways to do stuff - then after doing something a certain way someone shows you a new easy way and you fell kinda like you want to hide cause your did something so inefficiently!
Ever happened to you?
Certainly has happened to me.

So we have defined the first four terms, yet still a key ingredient is missing...

Success = A + B x C + D

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