Monday, July 28, 2008

Success in Spearfishing Part 6 of 9

This 6 th post on the spearfishing equation describing success of a spearo adds yet another term, F

Success = A + B x C + D + E + F

F = Plus alertness/instinct/fish sense
Now we get to where Piet van Rooyen says nothing more than the above – he did not elaborate on how to develop fish sense or instinct. Well, not even alertness.

Fish sense is a spearo’s instinct that directs him to the fish. There is also the logic component to it.
e.g. The crackling of the reef can tell of the structure and hence likelihood of getting fish in that direction. Listening to the reef is a habit of mine - I seldom enter the water and just dive, espically on a new spot - I prefer to "cock an ear", listen and then dive. It is possible to hear your way to better reef in dirty water by the ghost shrimp choir(crackling). A further part of fish sense would be predicting their behaviour.

With regards to alertness there are techniques to enhance your concentration and peripheral vision - covered at length in my mentorship program.

Sixth sense is knowing something through other means than seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. It is even possible to enhance your sixth sense that is capable of:
1. alerting you of danger and,
2. making you aware of opportunity.

I have two lessons in my mentorship program covering sixth sense which inludes excercises to get the students on the road to developing this mysterious quality.

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today – Chinese proverb

This weekend I was able to view the lack of animal sense in occupants of the gamedrive Landrover I was in at Pumba game reserve. Our driver Stemele was a local and understood animal behaviour and could predict their actions. He drove us in near some elephants that were eating acacias with complete disregard for the long white thorns. The matriarch was close and walked toward us - the ladies were no longer at ease. Now the pachderm made a half-hearted mock charge and the ladies were really spooked - I was filming and Stemele was calm as he knew she would stop which she did ears flapping and trunk waving in our direction. The next day saw us out with another game driver who was more cautious and would not allow the vehicle to be between the young bull elephant and the two big male lions he chased.
I must say that I would far prefer to be circled by a great white than by a lion. I think a landbased hunters animal sense is much the same as a spearos fish sense.


Eckart Benkenstein said...

I have to encourage you. I really enjoy your blog! I check your page almost everyday for updates. I think you are doing a great job of marketing spearfishing as an attractive and appealing sport. I'm not sure if you ever get feedback but you have a great way of capturing a story.
hope you have a great day,
Eckart Benkenstein

Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hi Gletwyn,
Just to echo Eckart's comments (no alliteration intended, I promise :), I check your blog most days, and really enjoy it. Itching to give you some feedback from CT diving, but this winter (as last did) has been horrible for diving so far.


Eckart Benkenstein said...

I also come from CT, southern suburbs to be exact. Give me a email on
would be great to connect with a diver from my area...

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Thanks for the feedback Eckart/Tony.
I enjoy to hear the viewpoint of others - even neagative criticism is great if kept constructive. I would appreciate any criticism - especially where it can result in improvement of what I do.
Thanx again guys,