Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking a bank steenbras & weekend 4cast

One aspect I like of hunting bank steenbras besides their excellent flesh is the fact that they are a species that is hardly cough by line fishermen - some times I talk to experienced fishermen(30 years in the game)and they report having taken one or two in all those years. So this means the bank steenbras is under minimal threat of exploitation as only occasionally are they taken by trawler and essentially never by line fishermen.
The other charactersitic of bank steenbras is that they are normally found in deeper water except when herded up into the shallows by thermoclines - this means you need to be a bit fit to get to them in the depth ranges where they occur - 12-40 m and deeper. Typically they can be found in fairly good numbers at the bases of good pinnacles near areas where there is sand.(good area identification is part of a number of lesson in my mentorship - see
Bank steenbras are not very cautious and can be quite easy to take when found. They grow to about 10 kg but normally are around 4-5 kg.
My biggest was 8.8 kg. Here, for the species, I score 88% on my record percentage scoreboard that can be down loaded on the free downloads of

Below is a clip of me taking one in 27 m - sorry it is a bit bright as I did not set the CCD's voltage correctly - I am learning still. Watch how I estimate its route of travel and get a clear shot. I cover advanced spearfishing techniques in my mentorship program which include prediction of the path a fish will follow.

Now for the weekend - In PE we can expect warmer water after the decent westerly that blew - tomorrow or Sunday I will go to sea swell is due to be 2 m dropping to 1.5 m on Sunday.

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