Friday, July 4, 2008

Weekend prospects

Weather is pretty fine here again - except cool nights especially where I live in the valley - my pool is down to 11 deg C and often we experience 4 deg min temperatures while up on the plain of the city its perhaps 8 or ten deg C.

Today and tomorrow look OK for diving with swell not too large and winds favourable but it seems Sunday the west may blow a bit. Algoa bay has flattened off but I could not judge the colour well as the light was reflecting up into my eyes.

Great to see some guys adding reports to keep it up. Hopefully I will add one tonight.

What's happening down west of PE toward Cape Town are you guys diving?
Silence means either - "no, we are not diving!" "or we are getting such good fish we want to keep it quiet!"

Next week I am going to discuss a few spearfishing success factors - keep an eye out for those.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gletwyn, silence at teh moment means not much happening. Hoping to get out to Dassend for some yellowtail, but big front today. Tuna season is all voer. Cheers, TOny