Monday, August 18, 2008

Cool website for spearos

I just visited a website with some mean looking fothermuckers who shot some equally mean looking fish.
On it you finds pics that are really amusing and some really big fish. Some look like a crock bred with a garfish!
One was taken in a sewer canal - I might even dive a sewer can to get such a fish!

Their motto is:
"If ya ain't bleedin when ya come up, you didn't do anything!"

That sounds cool - I have done some kinda wierd things(like punch a raggie, stand on one, swim into ones belly, hang on a blue sharks tail for a ride, and haul a small raggie to the surface by its tail).
But, I seldom bleed when I come up except if stab my leg with a spear as I push it through a musselcracker.

Anyway for a hellish experience visit

It's like being in a pack of tough bikers!

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