Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diving with a reel gun and good news

Last weekend was not good for diving here - I stayed on shore and build up credits with the family.
Man, I need more yellowtail to eat!!!

Since I began diving with a reel gun back in the nineties I battle to dive with a floatline. The freedom of a reel gun is amazing and one truly realised this when diving with a floatline again.
Mark and I are of the opinion that floatline are for shorediving or shooting really fast fish like big tuna or marlin. If you want to hear a lot of swearing just come with Mark and Me and force us to use floatlines!

There are of course disadvantages to diving with a reelgun. If no-one mans the boat - i.e. it is on anchor you will have to swim to the boat each time you want to deposit a fish into your fishhatch. In current this is slow going without a mobile boat.

This is our solution:

Puncture the edge of teh jaw as above - the clip can actually be pushed through by itself. For musselcracker - I split the lip.

Clip it on.

Warning: the bond to the fish is rathe weak and they can tear off easily - keep an eye on them until you have confidence in the technique.

The problem is that you end up doing a few extra dives with fish close to you and that can attract sharks so one must use discretion.
The risk is greater - imagine a sand tiger sneaks up snatches the fish and makes off with your gun!
The fish/es carried up and down on each dive so you work a bit harder too but it beats swimming back to the boat each time you get a fish.
Great whites are a rarity in Port Elizabeth waters so we are at ease with this technique. I would probably wear a shark pod if I tried it in the Cape.

The good news is that the "no powercraft zone" concept just in Algoa Bay has been set aside. Mark and I were able to convey the concept of the boating risks involved to the Africoast Engineers and so far the area is still part of our playground for spearfishing.

It is only six days to go before the Online Open begins.
see www.freedive.co.za/onlineopen.htm

Tomorrow I will post a clip of me taking a bank steenbras.


Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hey Gletwyn, managed to get a few dives in in the last few weeks, but no big fish around. In the kelp here, I put a body stringer on my belt as we have no big sharks in the kelp. And if / when I get a big steenbras, is is generally my only fish for the day so I get out anyway. I have had a few kob on it as well one day though :). Looking forward to finding a few fish for the online comp. Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hey Gletwyn, am enjoying your blog a lot. Tell me what camera are you using for your video?

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

So Tony Do you get raggies in the kelp? I have never dived in Kelp forests yet. Must be a nice to take one's kids.
I use a Sony p10 - not the best but it takes ok footage and pics.