Monday, August 25, 2008

Freedive Diary Entry # 1

I was looking over my website a while back and saw that I claim to be able to hold my breath for five minutes. Well in reality that was back in the late nineties - since then I have donme no such thing.
I decided to see if I was talking crap and claiming lost ability. My personal best had been a 5 min 15 sec breathhold in a pool.

Somewhat nervously I set out to test myself after the house had calmed down.

Here is what I recorded in my diary to track any further endeavour along this line:

Date 13 Aug 2005

Reading about freediving breathholds by Walter Johnson. I did some warm-ups involving about 20 minutes of shortish breathholds not exceeding 2.5 min. Then one of about 3 min during which I visualized myself doing deep dives to 70 m, shooting a fish and swimming back up.
I breathed up slowly, not hyperventilating, for about five min – typically 1 breath per 7 seconds or so through nose – right nostril open, left n a bit blocked.
I took one pack (gulp to pump in extra air) after filling my lungs – lying on a bed on back at 11:45 pm.
Again I held breath for a while as in 3 min hold and after say 30-50 seconds began visualizing a 75 m dive descending at about 1 m/sec, sitting onto the bottom, shooting a big copper and then idling up to the top at a rate of 0.5 m per sec.
I had the Poo Bear clock that ticked loud every two seconds – for each 2 sec I counted a meter back upward. Contractions began weakly about 3:40 minutes when I glanced at the clock and “reached the surface” at about 4 minutes.
My thoughts were: “this is too close to 5 min to stop and I pushed on - contraction firing faster and heavier now.
4:30- Almost at five - cannot fail now – suppress neg thought to quit – 5 min is sweet.
I sit up and remove shirt – frustrative overheat! – 15 seconds disappear and I watch the second hand slamming its way to 5 min.
Hard going now – walk into next room frustrated – walk distracts (knowing it counter prod though as far as O2 consump goes).
Did it!
Exhale vigorously, breathe in deep, exhale and take a small breath – surprisingly calm. Heart feels like steam train – fast.

This is actually a PB for me – never did more than about 4:40 out of water while best in water was 5:15.

Notes: Had small glass of wine with supper(6pm) – Ytail-noodle soup with some chili and olives.

Al least I made five minutes on my first session so I conclude my 5 min breathhold ability is not extinct.

My plan is to make five minutes an easily achievable goal - If someone asks me how long I can hold my breath I would like to confidantly say 5 min.

I make some similar posts over the next while and give some explanation of what I am doing.

P.S. Do not attempt this type of breathholding in a pool - two guys I know died this way. If you try it you MUST have a COMPETENT, RELIABLE observer who can pull you out and do CPR properly.

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