Friday, August 29, 2008

How fish come to look and a spearfisherman with a speargun

Check out this video clip where I sit on the bottom and wait for a nice fish. See how fish come in to look at the weird creature that descended in their village. There is a heavy surge as you can see from the ferns waving back and forth.

So for you guys who are still not great with breathholds - try this.

Imagine you are in the sea lying on the surface, breath deep and slow - one breath every 6-8 seconds. Once you are relaxed press play on the clip and take a deep breath - imagine it is you holding the gun and not me.
The depth is 12-14 m. You would be equalizing by blowing air into your mask and Eustachian tubes on the way down. Settle on the bottom and stay with me as long as possible.
If you need to breath then hold a bit longer - say 10 seconds for an imaginary fast swim to the surface.

Try this noting how far you get - gradually you could extend your breath.

If you can do it in front of your PC then I believe you can do it in the sea - just some equipment, practice and learning to equalize is all you will need!

I firmly believe that the distance one can swim horizontally in a pool is how far you can swim in a dive down and up. e.g. if I can swim four lengths in a 25 m pool then I can dive to 50 m.
All you need to do is to learn to equalize, adapt to the pressure and to break the barriers in my mind. Obviously appropriate safety will need to be built into any such attempt.

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