Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hunting by Sihouette - Video clip of Cave Spearfishing

One of those bronze bream I braaied some posts back was taken from a dark cave at Cape Receife, Port Elizabeth. When I say dark I mean one can only see in certain directions without a torch. Light trickles in (at 300 000 km/second!) and one may be a bit patient in the cave and wait for a fish to block out the light. Knowing the shape of a fish well I can judge the approximate size and specie.
The only difficulty for me arises when the surge drags at my body and I have no left hand anchor as it holds the camera. One thing about the camera is it increases my effort on dives and makes me fitter. Oh and another, it sometimes blocks my eyes and fish seem a bit more curious than normal - which is great as they come still closer and this allows me to use a shorter gun and take better clips close up.

now let me get back to the topic.

I took this bronze bream by hunting the silhouette.

Part 1 shows me take the fish in the dark - you will see silhouettes.
Anyway, I could not extract it rapidly so it jammed in the cave...

I turned around inside the cave swam out and came back to extract the fish as shown here in Part 2...

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