Friday, August 15, 2008

More on Garrick by Angelo Spada

Angelo Spada offered the following on a fine garrick of 18.5 kg he took near Gerrickes point just west of Sedgefield.

"I took a garrick of 18.5kg of the pinnacles at Gerrickes Point in 22m of water - the water around the pinnacles drop to below 24m. There were 5 fish in the shoal and I probably got the smallest fish!

In the book beneath the southern seas, it is stated there that in winter shoals of Garrick migrate through PE at depths of 20 plus meters. Just shows you how either things have changed since then or how little was known back then. Then there is the possibility that we have forgotten something!"

Thanks for that perspective Angelo.

Here is that splendid fish:

Looking at the 4 cast for the weekend - PE will probably not offer great dives on the west side - perhaps some action in Algoa Bay if the swell does not come in around the point. Sunday and Monday - Big easts! - those will get things fired up as they normally do in about late winter early spring!

15 Days to go before the Online Open begins on 1 September. Come on guy if you have not entered give it a go - all proceeds go to our Springbok team for the world championships in Venezuela this October!

All Online Open payments pledged should be made to the SAUFF Bank Account as follows:

Put in your name and rec percent as a reference.


Margate Branch

Branch Code: 220128

Account Number: 62067501132

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