Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spearfishign Blunders

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently."

Henry Ford

I read the above quote and thought to create a post on that topic. Henry Ford was quite an achiever in his day and his company still produces plenty of cars. In my day I had a Ford and my parents had two, my brother had one.

Some time bacj I posted a series of posts on strategic spearo erros that can have a big infuence on your progress in the sport. Failure in this post refers to smaller blunders - perhaps loosing your towel at Hobie beach or forgettign to bolt a motor onto teh boat and dumping it in a lake - that type of thing. Perhaps using teh wrong approch to get a fish near and when you tell your mates they tell you that you responded incorrectly to get the fish close enough for a shot.
After a failure ask yourself:
"What can I change to prevent it next time."

It's like my CO2 gun back home - I made it because of a failure - I tried spearign a big poenskop from too far and bounced the spear off it.
In those days(1991) my knowledge of spearfishing was scat and my only solution at the time was to make a bigger stronger gun - so I made a CO2 gun. It was very powerful and also very noisy. The weight of it with the cylinder was sufficient for me to remove 2 kg from my belt.
I did eventually take a nice fish with it - a 5 kg shad. Perhaps I will take it out teh mothballs and get a clip of it in action. Yes my son will enjoy seeing it too - perhaps we can shoot fire cracker out of it as a backyard mortar.

So if you se a failure as an opportunity to try again with knowledge of what not to do then it is not too bad. Just make sure you are careful on the shallow water blackout(SWB) problem as the chance to try again will perhaps not be a possibility!

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