Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spearfishing a 14.5 kg musselcracker near Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth

On Sunday I took the cracker below on a spot dive check teh viz and temp. As I swam under a ledge I and settled on the bottom I met this fish and a slightly bigger one.

They spooked mildly but were too curios of this alien that descended in their territory. The bigger one returned but moved fast and out of range but the smaller one briefly passed a gap in the reef and I did the John Wayne rushed shot thing planting a spear centrally in the back half of the fish.
It thundered off over the ledge and circled back heading into a cave next to where I had anchored.
I grabbed the camera off the boat and my 800 Freedivers gun to secure the fish - watch the clip for the rest...

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