Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spearfishing a yellowtail at the wreck of the Pati

On Sunday I went off to sea solo and really solo as no other boats were out.
The weather was cold and breezy but 7 mm jacket provides enough confidence.
I had intended taking to the deep to get some bank steenbras but opted to change my plan and try a different route in having a spot dive.
Murkier warm water on top and cooler beneath. One plan was to film myself spearing a yellowtail.

I set off to the Pati's engine block, put the pick in, donned my gear, slipped over the side camera in the left and gun in the right.
As looked up in the warmish 6 m viz two tail came in circling. Just as well I took teh camera. I fumbled with the camera to get it back to video mode also checking to see if my intended prey were still near.
Oops! they are loosing interest but then the camera was on video but the LCD went snow white! SH1t! - I pressed record anyway and dived toward the fading fish - the larger was leading and smaller one trailing behind. The fish turned to look at me and kept off bit - I lined up on the larger one and fired - praying the camera was on and working. The Freedivers spear plunged through just knocking the backbone ...

While the 8 kg fish fought the other was ever loyal and I could easily have dumped the camera to get the smaller one too but today the clip meant more to me.
It is going to be fun spearing a 16 kg one with no spine shot and try keep the fish on the cameras view!!

I tried a bit longer with nor further success for tail and went off in search of reef fish with some good success and some additional clips that you should enjoy when I post them.

The LCD is still going snow white after being on for a bit - guess its shot - anyone had the same? Please let me know.

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