Friday, August 29, 2008

Springbok Spearfishing Team Scouting Progress & Weekend Prospects

Here is a link to see what our countrie's top divers are doing in Venezuela. See what they have to say.

On that topic we do not have very many entires for the online comp I am organizing to help sponsor the our Springboks - Comp starts on Monday next week.
Not many entries means there is a pretty good chance to win something like pair of freedivers fins or my mentorship program.
Entry fee is only R80!
See for details.

Now for the really bad news - weekend diving prospect are really poor - today tehre is quite a swell running - I looked just now about a 2 m SSW swell, closely spaced and very poor colour in in Algoa Bay and very suspect on the west side. Sunday has a gale lined up so the only hope is to get in tomorrow, but the wind is die to go east this arvie and that may lift silted water up.

There have been some times that we have been shorebound for up to six weeks. Shame our poor wives and girlfreinds have to put up with divers who have the:
"need to dive but cant dive syndrome"!!

If I do not manage a dive tomorrow then perhaps I will do some breathhold training. I will put on another video clip later of me doing a dive and fish come in to look at me - you readers who are novices can benefit by watching teh clip and holding your breath at the start - see if you can hold for the time that I am down on that dive - if you make it great but nb to add another 12 seconds for my return swim to the surface - it is normally around 1 m per second unless I am being pursued by a shark.

Hey! I read a really cool quote for spearos:

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those, which fail.

Napoleon Hill

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