Thursday, August 7, 2008

Success in Spearfishing Part 9 of 9

In the last post I altered Piet van Rooyen's equation by raising the whole righthand side to the power of m, for mindset.

Mindset is made up of desire x passion to excel + strategy x leverage factor.

S = (A + B x C + D + E + F + G)m

The other strategy and leverage factors are worth discussion. Strategy is the plan to achieve the success.
Let me ask you this:
Do you strategise for success before going on a dive or do you charge out there and dive expecting some fish?

My dives involve a prediction, then spot dives to test water quality then the original plan is "approved" and followed; or rejected according to what I find.

I read an article comparing millionaires and billionaires in the US. The billionaires reviewed their goals[and strategy] twice a day while the millionaires did so once a day.

So in a days spearfishing would it not be worth your while reviewing your objective and strategy in relation to outside factors(wind, swell, competitors, nature of prey, sharks, viz, thermocline, boat, fuel reserves...etc.) as well as internal factors such as your energy levels??

Leverage factors are catalysts for success. It's like diving off a boat as against no boat - there are more options.
It is also using technology to aid you - charts, GPS, geological information. Add to that record keeping and predicting success from past failures and good days.
The internet is also leveraged - use Googleearth to check viz, catch poachers, get an hour extra divetime by paying bills by electronic fund transfer etc.
How about me being able shoot a fish, film it and show my brother in the US the whole thing just after I get home from my dive - that's leverage!

What about timing the thermocline just right and using that narrow, but supremely effective window of opportunity. e.g. I could get as much fish in 1 hour of a well planned dive as in 2 days of randomly planned diving.

My mentorship students get an insider look at the mindset for success and leverage factors and their application for success. In the online program I dissect each leverage point and show how I use it.

I hope I made it clear how the m-factor can increase your success in any field you just find out the facts that influence success, the leverage points and you might as well delete the words failure and impossible from your dictionary.

One of the assignments I give my mentorship students to do is to memorize the equation.

S = (A + B x C + D + E + F + G)m

where "m" is the power for the whole equation.

Did you find these nine posts usefull?

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Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hi Gletwyn,
Yes, I enjoyed reading them. I am less analytical about my diving than you are, but a lot of these points come up in my thinking, without consciously putting them there. One of my best tips is thiking yourself into a big fish scenario - go to sleep visualising how you react when a big cracker or whatever swims in front of you. I call it mental floss, and floss daily :) The result is often doing the right thing when you do see that PB fish. I have a good record of often getting big fish that I see, and I think that is a big contributor. Not as big as a lot of your fish, of course, though.