Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend 4cast for PE & Other topics & and the departure of common sense

Driving along the beachfront this morning I noticed that Agloa bay was pretty calm - the westerly smoothed it off but the colour - she's a very brown! Perhaps by Sunday it may have recovered but I doubt it will be OK by tomorrow.
The best options would then be RIY banks or the west side. Winds are not forecasted to be heavy. Sunday I see to be better as the west will have warmed up the water as per my model and you may still see the tail-end of a thermocline. The west side(cape receife to skoenis) has a 1.5 - 1.8 m swell at present. The water is better towards Skoenmakers kop. So there is my divecast.

Last weekend boats were chased off the ocean by a patrol vessel on account of skippers not having there skippers ticket. So if you have one take it along.

Go have a look at
Mark has made a few changes - you can find a "best of the best" giving tribute to divers who are known to have gills.
He has also added a video gallery.

Lastly on Monday Mark and I had a meeting with Africoast Engineering - the topic was to discuss conflicts on the southern beachfront area(PE harbour to the Lighthouse at Cape Reciefe) One of the proposals was to have a no power vessels zone extending out 800 m from the Something Good roadhouse to the Lighthouse. The objective being to protect the humpback dolphin from noise.
Now obviously the persons proposing this have not been at sea in a 40 knot westerly, nor a 30 knot easterly in the region of the lighthouse.
It creates a massive safety hazard to boaters to be forced to drive 800 m out in such a sea - I know of a few small vessels that sank because they drove too far out in these conditions.
Additionally and perhaps more importantly it excludes boat diving in areas that we spearfish in often. Cape Receife is closed for vehicle access anyway - remember the Pine lodge post I sent out some months back?
So we can only shore dive there after a long walk.
Now the proposal is to prevent motorised craft comming within 800 m of the shore.
I am still awaiting the research article from Africoast on the humpback dolphin and sound induced stress. When I get it I will publicise the article and you readers can offer your point of view too. Believe me I really like dolphins, but reality is that they should be allowed to evolve and be prepared for co-existence with man. The proposal to ban craft appears to have come about to be due to the scientist/s perception that this area inside the bay is under threat by motorised craft. Combined with the idea to be the "FIRST HUNMPBACK DOLPHIN SACTUARY in Africa"

Anyway Mark and I pointed out the faults of this proposal to the engineer we met with and he understood.
I strongly disagree with the banning of motorised craft - rather focus on preventing the demise of these dolphins in sharknets - 8 die per annum in the Richards Bay sharknets. I do not mind driving slowly in the presence of dolphins. Anyway, by law, we are not supposed to be withing 300 m of them and whales.
The whole concept look a bit like a pet project but unfortunately common sense is left out of the equation.
Yet again there seems some threats to spearfishing.

The other idiotic aspect was that there was aproposal to put up floats to mark off the area - so what now?? Must I be availabel to disentange another humpback or what.
Departure of common sense!!!!


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