Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Prospects

Algoa Bay was looking great yesterday arvie but now the swell has gotten up - and it may be a bit wiped but Sunday is due to be quite flat.
Nektarios Anteos told me he dived the Slipway and had 3 m viz and a diver had apparently taken a 5 kg spotted grunter there! Nice fish!
Air temp this weekend will be chilly though unless you are in durban which has a max of 23 deg C predicted. Luckily I have a new 7 mm jacket and should thus not notice the cold.
I also have a virgin pair of cutom made Spierre cabron fins that I am itching to test.
I have the PE, Durban and Cape Town forecasts at teh bottom of the blog. One viewer said it interefered with his view - how does it look on your system? Let me know if its a mess - looks OK on mine.

A note on spearfishing in Algoa Bay:
Algoa Bay can be a bit of a pain to spearfish in sometimes as fish can be sparse but from time to time the nice ones pop up and may come in good numbers too. Take this 5 kg red stump that Darryl Hiscock too at Phillips Reef this winter.

If I look over my best fish taken Biggest cob, poenskop, banksteenbras, Natal bank steenbras, white steenbras, soldier, grunter, rockcods, garick, baardman and other all came from the bay. If you want fish over 20 kg (mostly cob)in PE then the bay produces them more than the west side - excludes tuna.

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