Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black musselcracker hunt produced Bankie

One of the fun things about spearfishing is the many surprises. Sometimes great frights, more often sand tigers.
A while back I just got off the phone to another diver and told him I was about to spear a black musselcracker.
The area I was diving is good for them.
I have taken one of 22 kg there and another of 16 plus a couple of 8-12 kg. Nice fish for Port Elizabeth.
Anyway - doned my gear and took the 1300 Freedivers speargun - I wanted good range.
I headed down toward a familiar cave in 12 m - saw some small tassles and drummed in the hope of attracting a big one.
Nothing but the two small tassles came strolling nearer.
I turned outward and lay partly under a ledge - expecting.
Then the unexpected arrived.
So I surfaced with a bankie instead of a Poenskop.
My shot was poor and the fish flapped about quitea bit as the spear went right through and the fish was on the line.

You can see the dive here:

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