Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bluewater Hunting Spearfishing Computer Game

You can still spearfish - on your PC.

I promised to post details for another game. Should the viz and weather not permit diving you can still knock of a few gamefish without putting your suit on.

I took a little while to figure out how to use the game and put together a few instructions. Hope they make sense and are executable for those who are as challenged as me with PCs.

This is it:

Go to

click on:
Cerca per lettera

Select the letter "B" all games starting with a b

Scroll down to "Bluewater hunter" and double click on it

Scrol down, at the bottom click on:
Download Scaricalo qui - Parte 2
(this is actually two links for each part of the game)
Clciking on these links will allow you to download(save to a location) the two parts of the game.

You will also need to download WinRaR to work with the files. Just Gogler search for "WINRAR FREE DOWNLOAD" and you can find a link to download it to enable you to work with the .RAR files.

To open teh game:
Once you have WinRaR and the two game files downloaded into a folder double click on
Bluewaterhunter part 1
Then open the Bluewaterhunter folder by double clicking on it
Now click one Bluewaterhunter.EXE (7.7megs) to open the game.

Tip: use a joystick to aid controls – my fingers are a tad dyslexic for the game and I need decent control – like between my head and hands.

Have Fun! – you can spearfish Aliwal Shoal, Catalina, Guadalupe and many more


Eckart said...

Good game, definately not the easiest game but easier to understand than the italian one you mentioned in your other blog. Nothing beats the real thing though! Should be back in the water once I have recovered fully and I'll let you know how the diving is. Busy planing a trip up to the Goerge area to celebrate my recovery from the operation.

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