Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Immobilize your prey in spearfishing

On most occasions I prefer to immobilize the fish with the shot - certainly not always a reality. Sometimes surge does not allow it - or the fish is moving too fast for a clear shot, and of course there is human error - misjudgement, excitedness, bent spear, and slow reaction time - especially in cold water.

Immobilizing the fish is good because:
1. No flapping about to attract sharks, or big greedy rockcods including potato bass or brindles,
2. Equipment is not damaged,
3. You save energy and time not fighting it
4. Less damage to the flesh
5. Other fish remain calmer allowing more to be taken before the remaining fish spook
6. You do not need to "clean up". Mark and I dived the Produce back in 94 and he got a small cob of about 8 kg jammed in the wreck at around 30 m - it took about five dives to clean up and there was considerable lost opportunity cost.

1. Flapping about of your prey may attract other species - e.g. yellowtail, marlin or red steenbras
2. One can use the fishes energy to keep it awway from sharks sometimes - let the shark almost eat the fish - jerk the line and spook the fish just as the shark is about to eat it - I have done this on occasion with success, but not always.

So there is why good shootig is an advantage.

Enough talk, Let's Look...

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