Saturday, September 27, 2008

Online Open Abridged Scoreboard 27 Sept

I had problems getting the scoreboard uploaded - came out garbled and I am not able to fix - not a PC boffin.
The gallery updating was fine.
Anyway here is the present status.
Looks like those small fish Mark and I took gave EP the lead.

Updated 27 September 08

Diver Position
Johan Jacobs 4
Allan Heydorn 3
Gletwyn Rubidge 2
Mark Jackson 1

Late REGISTRATION permitted, but get a recent paper to hold in your pics.

To enter deposit the entrance fee (R80) into the following account:


First National Bank,


Branch Code: 220128,

Acc number 62067501132

As reference use your initial and surname e.g. P Woods and RECORD PERCENT to indicate it is for the record % competition

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