Friday, September 19, 2008

Online Open - best catch

Some good news came thin morning - Allan Heydorn weighed in a good "percentager" - a 9 kg queenfish.

Man!, last time I took a nice queenie was back in 2001 - Just off the St Lucia mouth at a reef that produces some nice cob and cuda.
During that trip in July, Fanus Gerber and I set our hearts on getting a sailfish. On the first day at Leven Point I got a 45 kg one and the next day Fanus got a 51 kg sailfish. Their skin is surprisingly tough, I fought my fish carefully and it took 45 min! That could have been wrapped up in half the time if I knew how tough the skin was.
Mission accomplished!

As for the 4cast - grim for PE diving and the bay was trashed on my driveby this morning.

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Zane said...

So that is what a fish looks like, Here in PE, we may have to take up bowls or golf and stow the dive gear. That is a very impressive queenfish. I would be happy to spear a klipvis and just get into the competition