Monday, September 1, 2008

Online Open Competition Begins Today

Today is the first day of spring and the Online Open spearfishing competition begins today.
Who on earth arrange the weather?!
I counted 7 breaks on the RIY banks!

OK so here is how it is going to work - the comp rules I mean.

You can weight in your five best fish - i.e. the ones closest to the SA record in percentage - if your exceeds the SA record then weight that one in.
No sharks!
No Skates!
Only open season fish.
No illegal ones like brindle bass, natal wrasse, seventy four etc.
Fish must be taken in SA waters.

Weigh the fresh fish on an accurate scale - if you can provide proof of the location of an assized massmeter(scale)that would be great! Weight to one decimal of a kg - e.g. 1.8 kg. The fish must be fresh - not frozen.

Have a witness view the weighing - check that the scale is zeroed before the fish is weighed.

If the fish does not appear on the SA record list then the biggest one wins that category and its weight will be used to calculate the "record %".

You may upgrade - e.g. if you weigh in a 3 kg yellowtail on 13 Sept and you get a 13 kg fish on 22 Sept then the small one fall away.

Take a clear digital pic of you with your gutted and gilled fish - i.e. guts and gills out. Include proof of the date - hold a newspaper/clipping showing its name & dateclearly any day after 1 Sept 2008 but before the end of the month. Magazines are issued early so they will not be OK.
Smile in the pic and have a sexy naked woman stand next to you - if she is excluded from teh pic or not judged sexy you may be disqualified.*

Last day to receive pics is 1 October unless you can provide evidence that the fish was speared before that date.

Send pics to

Please reduce the size of the pic - see post from last week to find out how. State you name!!

When I look at the 4cast it seem we will only be able to dive after about this Saturday. I think the westerlies will bring in warm clear water.

Well I think that is all for now. I will keep you posted at least once a week of fish being weighed in - the onlineopen webpage is

Hey Gletwyn! - too much writing we cannot concentrate - pic please...

* I was joking about the naked girl in the pic but you will not be disqualified if you thought I was serious and included her fine form as background for a budding photographic artist.

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