Monday, September 15, 2008

Online Open - I get my first fish

For the first time in 4 weeks Mark and I went for a dive on Sunday. Flattish but not very clear. Shot in the deep and suspect in the shallows.
I had flushed great green globules of mucous out of my sinuses on early Sunday morning using a sort of a drain cleaning technique that my online mentorship students learn, and was willing to attempt a dive.

Noordhoek was a changed venue after the stormy seas and we anticipated some alteration beneath the waves too.

On my first dive I saw two large boulder had moved into a gully that was previously empty. Equalizing was painful but became easier as more gringos slid into my mask. On my third dive...

Well, the shot was terrifically not good but it held in the sinewy tail sector. Mark once shot a 70 kg yellowfin like this and landed it.

We picked up a few more fish - nothing of consequence, but at least we got something to weigh in!

Mark has a chat forum on now - go check it out.

We noticed MCM bugging fishermen with the red patrol vessel and its side kick inflatible. Shallow-water specialist scuba divers abounded inshore, but for once there seemed to be an unussual contingent of law enforcemnt personnel on shore.

That's all for now.

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