Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Online Open Update

I updated and uploaded the onlineopens scoredboard. Zululand is leading the field but EP is nipping them in the heels!
For the gallery see:


The scoreboard is at: http://www.freedive.co.za/file.asp?ID=9999

Hey you online open guys in Durban and the Cape - what's happening? Where's the fishes?

Algoa Bay is presently being raveaged by a large east swell but the west side apparently looks flat but dirty for the first 100 m.
Tomorrow our oceanic heritage will be rough with a 25 knot westerly due, Fridays prospects are a bit better.


Anonymous said...

Hi G,

Natalians aren't submitting cause you Capies are sending horrible fronts, Buster Westerlies, Beasterly Easterlies and massive swell our way. Gues it's your way of getting us back for some awesome diving ealier in the year

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Hey Corry,
Comeon Corry we are in teh thick of it here, great frights included!!!
Anyway we still have another weekend and you may even get in a dive today.