Friday, September 26, 2008

Online Open

Man, I am pressed for time.
Anyway this morning Mark and I grabbed the opportunity to upgrade our online open scores and we certainly did.
No fantastic fish but the results will show.
I suspect when recalculate later today Mark will lead with me next.

Here are some pics of what we got - I will update the scoreboard tonight.

Mark Jackson and his online open fish.

Gletwyn Rubidge and his fish.

Now I have given the topics some thought - and discussed it with Mark.

I plan to extend the online open another seven days i.e. to 7 October 2008. The forecasts show flatter seas hence giving more opportunity to all participants.

If you have not entered, you may still do so.
Border open divers hint, hint!!! R80 per person!
Your fish can be entered into this online open.
NB that you can upgrade. Five best fish - i.e. with highest record percentages - gills and guts out. NB to take a newspaper along to show fish.
Late entrants must show paper after date of entry.

Spread the word for me guys.

I got two really cool clips this morning which I will post next week.

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